Chapter One - Tools and Fixtures

3. Oversized headset tools: The framebuilder will definitely want to have the capabilities of making lugless frames with oversized steering columns. To build and service these frames, the following tools are needed for the 1-1/8" size: fork crown race cutter, steering column die stock & die, slide hammer, and crown race remover. Campagnolo made an oversized headset tool kit which may still be available used or on special order. Tioga was one of the first to come out with oversized headset tools for the framebuilder. Figure 1-42 shows VAR versions of these tools.

4. Tubing blocks: These are necessary for holding tubes in the vise without dimpling or marring them while they are being worked on. They also allow the builder to firmly hold the tubes while cutting miters on the milling machine. Home made blocks can be made of hardwood, but Bicycle Research makes excellent blocks of aluminum. Figure 1-43 shows examples of Bicycle Research tubing blocks.

FIGURE 1-42: Oversized headset tools (Note the Cobra reamer/facer in the center with the oversized cutter installed.)

FIGURE 1-43: Bicycle Research tubing blocks (The Allen head binder bolts are my own addition to these blocks.)

5. Seat tube reamer: A reamer is necessary to take the inside diameter of the seat tube to the correct dimension after brazing the seat cluster. Fixed size reamers are available, but adjustable reamers are more versatile. Chadwick Trefethen makes a series of reamers that do just the trick. Don’t turn the reamer with an adjustable wrench; the uneven pressure makes it difficult to do properly. Instead, use a proper diestock or tap handle to do the job. A Chadwick #28 adjustable reamer and tap handle are shown in Figure 1-44.

6. Lug Mandrel: A builder who works a lot with lugs brainstorms ways to hold the nasty little things. I made a set of lug mandrels that held lugs securely while I worked with them. Anvil Bikes makes a set of lug mandrels that they sell to other builders. Check them out in the resource section of this book. Andy Newlands of Terra Nova Cycles in Portland, Oregon showed me an ingenious design he fashioned for himself. It is shown in Figure 1-45.

FIGURE 1-44: Adjustable reamer used for seat tubes.

FIGURE 1-45: Lug mandrel used by Andy Newlands of Terra Nova Cycles (Allen is used to tighten grip.)

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