Chapter Eleven - Building Custom Stems


The quill is brass fillet brazed or TIG welded to the back of the extension tube. Make sure there is a vent hole in the quill so air can flow freely through the extension tube during brazing or welding. Insert a heat sync plug into the quill to prevent heat distortion during brazing and cooling. This plug should not be too tight a fit, or it will not come out later. Figure 11-14 shows the vent hole in the quill and heat sync plug.

FIGURE 11-14: Quill and heat sync plug

 The quill and extension/binder tube assembly can be held in the vise for tacking as shown in Figure 11-15. The final brass fillet brazing or TIG welding can now be done. Figure 11-16 shows a handy clamp that I made for doing this. It is clamped in the Park stand and prevents the vinyl on the Park clamp from being scorched during brazing. This would not be an issue with TIG welding; because of the need to create an electrical arc, the stem would be TIG welded on a metal welding table. The stem can be rotated and positioned with this clamp while brazing.

FIGURE 11-15: Stem held in vise for tacking

FIGURE 11-16: Special clamp assembly to hold and rotate stem during brass fillet brazing

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