Appendix D - Plans for Fixtures

 It's difficult to post pictures of my plans for fixtures here because of the size of the graphics. Putting just a couple of those pictures here would make this page load so slowly that it would begin to annoy visitors. To remedy that, I have placed thumbnails of those pictures below. Just click on the thumbnail to view a larger sized version of the picture. I also chose six pictures that would give you enough information to build a bottom bracket post and a fork clamp for an alignment table. Just imagine what you could build if you had the other 70 pages of those plans!

Above is the V base of the fork clamp.

Above is the V cap of the fork clamp.

Above is one of the side plates.

Above is the torque cap of the fork clamp.

Above is the bottom bracket post.

Above are the nut & washer for the BB post.

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